Client Testimonials

“Yoga for the Inflexible Guy is a fantastic way to BEGIN limbering up. I have been attending this class for seven months and have graduated from being completely Inflexible to just being inflexible. In addition, Danny (instructor) has a great sense of humor and the class is loads of fun while benefiting my body and mind.”

— Ted G.

“I’ve been attending Yoga for the Inflexible Guy for the last month at this studio for the last month and I’m hooked. The instructor and classmates have been very welcoming to someone who has never really done yoga before. I’m already feeling my body becoming more capable. After only a class or two I already had more awareness of how I’m carrying my body and I’m more present at home. This class makes me feel good while I do it, but then carries over into the evening and even the next day.”  

— Adam D.

“I love Begin Pilates. The instructors are very attentive and supportive. I find the small class sizes perfect and not intimidating. It is quickly becoming my home away from home”. 

Jaimee N.

“Great spot for the Sabin/Irvington neighborhood! They have a bunch of different classes at various times to accommodate anyone.’ 

— Sara O.

“Since I started the Grace Pilates Method® at Begin Pilates, I have improved in these skills: getting up from a sitting position; getting in and out of a car; climbing and going down stairs; I am also noticing some improvement in balance and walking and I am more aware of my posture and keep working to improve it.” 

Mary Anne Y.

“I have been working with Maria to start with the basics for developing and using core muscles. This is my first time trying pilates, and Maria has made it enjoyable and effective. She is mindful of my individual limitations and can clearly instruct/explain movements and the body’s mechanics. It’s a relaxed, friendly, and professional environment.” 

— Mike J.

“Thanks to Maria & Danny Mankin, I have begun to love my core! Classes are well constructed, innovative and fun. By taking the Grace Pilates Method classes, I have learned not only to identify my core but also to use it to improve my mobility. I have become stronger and more confident in taking the stairs and getting up and off the floor, and best of all, my clothes fit better…”  

— Ellen B.

“I started Grace Pilates classes in February of 2016 and I began to see improvement just within 3 weeks. After only two months my strength has improved and so has my balance. Even my doctor has noticed a great improvement in my overall health.”  

— Marva W.

“My partner and I both started taking Pilates when this place opened. The classes are small and the teachers are so attentive to each person that it’s like private lessons. All the teachers we’ve had so far really know what they’re doing. They will zero in on anything you’re doing incorrectly and help you fix it. Nothing goes by them. And now that I’m learning something about Pilates, I can appreciate how important all the subtleties are! And the way they explain it really helps you understand the anatomy of it and why it all matters. I’m sold! Pilates for life! And I should mention that the space is immaculate and airy, with wonderful natural lighting. They’ve created an ambience that’s extremely pleasant to be in.”  

— Kate G.

“I love Begin Pilates. The instructors are very attentive and supportive. I find the small class sizes perfect and not intimidating. It is quickly becoming my home away from home”.   

— Jaimee N.

“When a friend told me about the Grace Pilates Method@ class I never expected to see such positive results in such a short time! I have regained better balance, engaged muscles that were close to being dormant, and actually now I feel more limber, energetic and positive about my body.”  

— Sharon C.

“My core strength and my legs have always been weak. After only a couple of months of the Grace Pilates Method® I built up my core and I feel so much stronger. I was never able to get up from the floor without someone helping me and now I can do it all on my own. My balance has also improved. I tripped one day and I was surprised that my core kicked in and I stopped myself from falling. This has been the best investment I have made in a long time. ” 

— Yolanda S.

“The double whammy of Pilates and Yoga ramped up a new focus on health-centered activity. Maria and Danny are gentle task masters who keep individual motivation front and center while steady progress is being made that you can feel and see. The added bonus “Yoga for the Inflexible Guy” led by Danny Mankin is a tickle-the-funny-bone kind of guy whose humor during downward-facing-dog poses has led to many howls of laughter. Why wouldn’t you try this out and see what you are missing and could soon be part of? This is time well spent!” 

— Patrick D.

“I don’t know about anyone else but as I grow older and thus less flexible, I used to struggle in those physical activities that I enjoyed and in some cases, I just had to give those up. Yeah, I went to different types of yoga, stretching and core strengthening classes, grudgingly. Frankly felt intimidated and frustrated—and this is coming from an old gym rat. I bought the DVDs, etc. but, again being an old gym rat, working out alone has never been a motivator for me. Then I heard about “Yoga for The Inflexible Guy” at Begin Pilates and Yoga.  

I started over three months ago, under the yoga instruction of Danny, with a small group of other guys just like me. I attend twice a week and it has made a HUGE difference in my flexibility, core strength and balance, to the point that I am doing things physically that I thought were no longer possible. It is a great workout and a lot of fun.  

Danny is great! He keeps his classes small so that he can watch over each of his guys to provide care and encouragement to each of us in a group environment. I would give up a lot of things before I would give up my Tuesdays and Thursdays with Danny. What a difference it has made in my sense of well-being and physical confidence.”

— Jack B.

“Flexibility has never been one of my strengths, but as I entered my 60s, my lack of flexibility has been the direct cause or a contributing factor to multiple injuries and pain. Unlike my previous attempts at yoga, Yoga for the Inflexible Guy provides a comfortable, supportive atmosphere where, under Danny’s tutelage, we work within our individual limits, developing our core strength and stretching muscle groups inherently tight in our gender.

Because I commute from Vancouver, I can usually only attend one of the twice-weekly classes. But the fact that I’ve missed only one week since I started in early May speaks volumes.

Any male, regardless of age, should get acquainted with the principles taught in Yoga for the Inflexible Guy. It will probably be life changing.”

— Craig S.

“I wouldn’t really call myself “inflexible,” but it took the title of the class Yoga for the Inflexible Guy to get me into a yoga studio for the first time—and I haven’t regretted it! The instructor makes it easy for newcomers to get up to speed and is careful to remind us not to go farther than our bodies can handle. After a month of attending regularly, I find my body wants to sit more upright, to stretch, and I’m more present at home. Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday and Thursday evenings.”

— Adam D.

“I have been doing the Yoga for Inflexible Guys for about two months. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in mobility and balance. Dan is a wonderful teacher. He is encouraging, perceptive, knowledgeable, and funny. The other members of the class all support and encourage each other. I strongly recommend it.”

— Robert M.  

“I have been going to Yoga for the Inflexible Guy class since early 2016 and cannot say enough good things about it. I’m not in bad shape, but know that I’m not very flexible. I still have a long way to go, but it is amazing how I feel after that class. I actually feel stretched out.

Danny is a good teacher that understands his clients are all at different levels and abilities. I can honestly say that this is about the only exercise class that I have ever taken, that I actually look forward to going to. Thanks!”

— Richard R.