The Grace Pilates Method®

Created by Begin Pilates founder, Maria Mankin, the Grace Pilates Method® is a gentle Pilates class on her invention, the Begin Chair™.  This class is recommended for people with limited mobility. It is 45 minutes long and is perfect for those who may not be able to comfortably lie down or get back up from the floor. In the Grace Pilates® class students sit on Begin chairs™ to perform basic Pilates exercises using resistance bands, light weights, balls and springwall. The goal of this program is to improve overall mobility, core strength and balance.

Since I started the Grace Pilates Method® at Begin Pilates, I have improved in these skills: getting up from a sitting position; getting in and out of a car; climbing and going down stairs; I am also noticing some improvement in balance and walking and I am more aware of my posture and keep working to improve it.

— Mary Anne Y.