Yoga for the Inflexible Guy

Yoga for the Inflexible Guy will resume in the studio after the pandemic.

This hour-long class just for men will focus on simple yoga asanas (poses) to increase mobility and flexibility and calm the mind in a gentle hour-long practice.   We modify the poses with chairs and yoga props such as bolsters, blocks, and straps to help support the different needs of each individual body.  No previous yoga experience needed, just patience and a sense of humor!  Please wear loose comfortable clothes you can move in.

Why just for men?

Yoga for Inflexible Guys is meant to create a safe and comfortable space for men to focus on their bodies and breathing without judgment or fear of failing.

As I entered my 60s, my lack of flexibility has been the direct cause (or a contributing factor) to multiple injuries and pain. Unlike my previous attempts at yoga, Yoga for the Inflexible Guy provides a comfortable, supportive atmosphere where, under Danny’s tutelage, we work within our individual limits, developing our core strength and stretching muscle groups inherently tight in our gender.

Commuting from Vancouver, I can usually only attend one of the twice-weekly classes. But the fact that I’ve missed only one week since I started in early May speaks volumes. Any male, regardless of age, should get acquainted with the principles taught in Yoga for the Inflexible Guy. It will probably be life changing.

— Craig S

Yoga for the Inflexible Person

This is the same class practice as Yoga for the Inflexible Guy but livestream and open to eveyone.

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