Yoga Pilates Workout Exercises in PortlandHave you ever asked yourself, where can I find beginning and accessible and affordable Yoga Pilates reformer exercises and great ongoing intermediate and advanced Yoga Pilates reformer exercises near me in Portland Oregon? then we have the right answer for you. At Begin Pilates, we offer progressive training programs in Yoga and Pilates that can aid people who have a sedentary lifestyle, recovering from injury or want to improve athletic performance.

Begin Pilates is the only studio in the country and the world licensed to teach the Grace Pilates Method on the Begin Chair that was invented and patented by Maria Mankin, founder of Begin Pilates. The Begin Chair is sold world wide by Balanced Body.

About Us

We are located in the Alameda/Irvington neighborhood of Northeast Portland, Oregon. Our Yoga Pilates workout reformer exercises are designed to nurture and strengthen your body so that you can fully embrace a lifestyle of health and wellness.

Irrespective of your fitness level or age, we will help you cultivate overall well-being, enhance balance, improve flexibility and build core muscle strength. Once you start your Yoga Pilates workout reformer exercises at Begin Pilates, you will get to:

  • i) strengthen your core
  • ii) Boost your bone density
  • iii) Enhance your posture
  • iv) Improve your balance
  • v) Increase your flexibility
  • vi) Increase your muscle tone
  • vii) Manage your stress
  • viii) Strengthen your back
  • ix) improve athletic performance
  • x) Tighten your abs
  • Our Sessions

At Begin Pilates, we offer many types of sessions. You, therefore, get to choose between springwall, mat, barre, yoga and private sessions:

a) Private Sessions

The Begin Pilates private sessions have been customized to meet your individual preferences and needs. They may include the use of all available Pilatesí equipment. At the preliminary session, the Begin Pilates instructor will assess your personal goals, physical needs, and health history and use the data derived to design the most appropriate program.

b) Springwall Classes

During the Begin Pilates springwall classes, mat work and springs will join forces for an economical and unique way to enjoy Yoga Pilates reformer exercises in Portland Oregon. Also referred to as the half Cadillac, the springwall will provide spring resistance to your legs and arms. In the process, you will improve mind-body coordination,tone muscles and challenge the core.

After a warm-up session using foam rollers, stretch bands and balls, the Begin Pilates instructor will lead your class in a number of springwall exercises to meet every studentís individual needs. We typically keep each group small (a maximum of 8) people to ensure close care and attention to each participant.

Begin Pilates Springwall Schedule

Our classes are scheduled. You therefore have an opportunity to choose any or all of the following sessions:

1. Grace Pilates Method Classes

The Grace Pilates Method is a unique training regimen developed at Begin Pilates. Performed on the Begin Chair, this gentle Pilates approach is recommended to participants with limited mobility. To this end, this class is designed for those who are not able to lie down comfortably or get back up, as well as those who may have physical limitations.

In this method, the students will perform basic Pilates exercises using light weights, stretch bands and balls while seated on Begin Chairs. This program aims at improving overall balance, core strength and mobility.

2. Mat Classes

Yoga Pilates workout reformer mat classes are appropriate for all levels of students. The instructor will first review the basic principles before they introduce new exercises. They will also suggest useful modifications designed to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged safely and securely.

3. Yoga Classes

The yoga classes at Begin Pilates include gentle yoga sessions, Yogilates, Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga and Yoga for the Inflexible Guy

Schedules and Rates

If you are looking for Yoga Pilates workout reformer exercises near me in Portland Oregon, we have special rates and schedules for you. You can purchase sessions either individually or at a discounted Pilates economy package rate.

We have clustered our rates into single, 5 pack and 10 pack sessions. The cheapest rate is $13 while the most expensive is priced at $320, depending on the pack and the session you select.

For private sessions, the cheapest single session will only cost you $70 while the 10 pack session will cost $720. As you can see from the fees listed on our official website, we are actually pretty affordable. Therefore, you should be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of Yoga Pilates workout reformer classes in Portland Oregon without necessarily breaking the bank.

At Begin Pilates, we also invest in the best quality state-of-the-art Stott Pilates and Balanced Body equipment. We are particularly proud of the BEGIN CHAIR, a unique ball chair invented by Begin Pilates founder Maria Mankin and is sold by Balanced Body.

Presently, the Begin Chair happens to the only ball chair in the world that will adjust perfectly to fit the natural curves on your spine. Using it will fully reinforce correct posture. It uses a small adjustable ball that will rest against your lumbar spine. The chair also has a ball seat designed to perfect safety and security while also providing stability to ensure that you activate your core muscles.

Although Pilates and Yoga are often wrongly perceived as suited for younger athletic people, our Begin Chair, in combination with the revolutionary Grace Pilates Method have broadened Yoga Pilates reformer exercises to accommodate the needs of just about everyone who will sign up at Begin Pilates. This combination, in particular, is suited to older populations and those looking for a rehabilitative approach to Yoga and Pilates after injuries and/or surgery. It will help you regain stamina and strength so that you can continue leading a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

Why Do Pilates at Begin Pilates

There are many benefits that you will gain by coming to Begin Pilates and starting your Yoga Pilates workout reformer exercises in Portland Oregon. These include, but are not limited, to:

  • i) Achieve whole-body fitness
  • ii) Enjoy adaptability to varying needs and fitness levels
  • iii) Create strength, without the usual accompanying bulk
  • iv) Increase flexibility
  • v) Develop core strength
  • vi) Improve posture
  • vii) Increase energy
  • viii) Enjoy lean appearance and weight loss
  • ix) Increase awareness and mind/body connection
  • x) Take advantage of a variety of Yoga Pilates workout reformer exercises

In conclusion, you can depend on Begin Pilates whenever you are looking for a place to kick start your yoga and Pilates sessions. Therefore, the next time you find yourself asking where can I find beginning Yoga Pilates workout reformer exercises near me in Portland Oregon, just think of Begin Pilates. Give us a call today for more information on our classes and sessions or visit us online.