Private Sessions

Private sessions are customized to each student’s individualized needs and preferences and may include the use of any of the available Pilates equipment. After a preliminary session, the instructor will assess the student’s health history, physical needs and personal goals to design an appropriate program. Email us to schedule a session.

Springwall Classes

In our springwall classes, springs and mat work combine forces to create a unique and economical way of experiencing Pilates.  The springwall (also known as the “half Cadillac”) provides spring resistance to the arms and legs to challenge the core, tone muscles and improve mind-body coordination.
Following a warm-up using balls, stretch-bands, and foam rollers, the instructor will lead students in a series of springwall exercises tailored to meet individual needs. Groups are kept small—up to 8 people—to ensure close attention and care for each participant. Sign up now for Springwall.

The Grace Pilates Method® Classes

The Grace Pilates Method classes on the Begin Chair™ is a gentle approach to Pilates and is recommended for people with limited mobility. This class is perfect for those who may not be able to comfortably lie down or get back up from the floor, or who have other physical limitations.  In Grace Pilates Method, students sit on Begin Chairs™ to perform basic Pilates exercises using balls, stretch-bands and light weights.  The goal of this program is to improve overall mobility, core strength and balance. Sign up now for Grace Pilates Method.

Mat Classes

The mat class is appropriate for all levels, as the instructor will always review basic principles before introducing new exercises.  The instructor will also suggest modifications to ensure that all students are challenged in a safe way. Email us to sign-up for a session.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes include Gentle Yoga for Seniors, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yogilates.