This multi-level classes focus on: basic principles of Pilates; body awareness; strength training; core and stamina building; balance; and well-being. Teaching with many Pilates props such as resistance bands, fitness circles, mini balls and more, while keeping a good pace for the group, the instructor will adapt exercises and suggest appropriate modifications if needed.

Bones and Balance

This gentle Pilates class is designed for people who would like to increase their bone density and improve their balance. With the help of props such as stretch-bands, fitness circles, balls and light weights students will perform Pilates exercise lying down on the mat, sitting and standing.


This is a Pilates class on the stability ball.  It’s a fun series of exercises using a big ball according to the Pilates principles. If you are new to Pilates we recommend you to take a Pilates mat class such as Pilates Basics or a Private Intro before taking this class.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is for people who would like and need a slow and gentle approach to the yoga practice.  It will include modified yoga poses and some seated exercises on chairs as well as breathing and meditation practices.  It is adaptable to people of limited mobility and flexibility.

Hatha/Iyengar style – a vigorous practice of traditional Asanas taught in the Iyengar tradition of alignment with the use of props-blankets, blocks and straps- to increase flexibility and build core strength. This energetic practicewill help to quiet the mind through use of the breath. Open to all levels.

Prenatal Pilates is a low impact class that will provide a good combination of strength, toning, flexibility, relaxation and breathing aid in helping women to maintain a healthy weight, a good posture, a healthy back and a strengthened core throughout the pregnancy.  The instructor will follows the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) guidelines for prenatal exercises including the necessary modifications for each stage of pregnancy.  This class is designed to help women stay physically active and strong during all nine months while strengthening the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles to help post-natal recover. Postnatal women after doctor’s clearance could join the class too!

Roller Fun

Roller fun is a creative Pilates class that is done on the foam roller and with the foam roller and it’s designed to strengthen your core, align your spine and take your mat skills to the next level.

Yin Yoga

A style of holding aligned yoga asanas or poses in a gentle and mindful way for a slow and sustained period to allow for circulation and fluidity in our internal organs, joints, ligaments and connective fascia. The poses are combined with a focused breathing that brings a calm and meditative benefit to the practice.

Open to all levels.

Yoga for the Inflexible Guy

Targeted specifically to men, this class will focus on simple yoga asanas or poses to increase mobility, flexibility and calm the mind in a gentle hour-long practice. We will modify the poses with chairs, yoga props such as bolsters, blocks and straps to help support the different needs of each individual body. No previous yoga experience needed, just patience and a sense of humor! Please wear loose comfortable clothes.


Yoga poses and Pilates principles come together to create a core building and challenging class leaving ample room for flexibility and relaxation.